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Some of our Clients

Welcome to Creative Models

Creative Models & Prototypes specializes in Mockups, Prototypes, Patent models and Test models. A finely crafted scale model can assist you in your marketing and sales. It can be a valuable tool for your engineering and design staff or the ultimate show of appreciation for a valued client or employee. We offer a variety of creative solutions including brainstorming, research and development and design consultation

Since 1994, Creative Models & Prototypes is a complete full service prototype model shop. Our services include 3 dimensional CAD design, fabrication, stereo lithography, sculpture, molding, casting in a variety of materials such as metal, urethane, polyester, pewter, plastic and fiberglass to name a few. We create finely painted samples and package design and packaging samples. We have working relationships with manufacturing facilities both here and abroad to produce the finished product for retail. We maintain associations with several patent attorneys to assist clients in obtaining patents.

Creative Models and its staff take pride in every job that we perform. We are more of a family then co-workers and all of us work together to develop each and every project using the most effective method. We have over 100 years of combined experience in building models. Working from verbal description, concepts, sketches, blueprints or CAD data we transform your ideas into three-dimensional realities. Whether it is a simple invention or a full scale test and evaluation mock-up all of our clients are treated with respect and the individualized attention that they deserve. We understand the complexities that are associated with the development of a concept and pride ourselves in the ability of working with people of all walks of life to interpret their needs and determine the best method to bring their concept to reality. We totally understand that in today economy cost is always an issue and we work to keep all of our projects at the lowest cost and on time. Our ability to create models using a wide assortment of manufacturing techniques gives us an edge over our competitors and allows us to streamline your project for the most cost-effective model. Our mold making expertise is extensive whether it be centrifugal molding, composite or RTV we can design and produce a mold to create parts or sales samples for your project. With our models representing some of the largest industries in the world today and found in at least 25 foreign countries throughout the world we pride our self in the detail that is required when manufacturing a model. Our models are a representation of the companies that request them and presented to heads of state or museums so they need to meet the highest quality standards. Every model that is produced here at Creative Models & Prototypes is inspected for accuracy and detail before it is delivered. This is a reflection of our company. All of our models are crated into custom storage containers so that they arrive at their destination safe and undamaged.